Home Tour

Welcome to our home!

{Note: We are currently redesigning our space and will update photos as soon as we find a place to stash all of Cubscout's toys.}

A home should reflect the people who dwell in it. Our home does just that. Brian and I have been blessed to live and travel around the world. It is filled with treasures from our adventures together, family mementos, and now lots of baby toys. We call our style, "modern eclectic."

We purchased our 1400 sqft condo in Silicon Valley in 2010. It was one of the last show models left in our building, and it sat on the market for 2 years. The first time we walked in, it felt like home. We couldn't believe this little gem in the city hadn't been scooped up! After we ripped out the hideous grade zero beige carpet and linoleum and put in the gorgeous walnut flooring, we liked it even more.

We still have a little work to do, like spruce up our master bedroom, paint our master bath, and make an ottoman for the living room, but here's a peek into our home with before and afters.


  1. Beautiful work! Your home is gorgeous. I love the nursery... so cheerful!

  2. Megan and Brian's condo is so welcoming, fresh, and comfortable. They have creatively made storage everywhere. I love the kitchen chalkboard. But, Cubscout's nursery is the cutest ever. What baby would not like to sleep and wake up in this room? Last year, Cubscout and I had many special moments in the green chair while I was there for 4.5 months. I felt like I was on vacation....well, some of the time!


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