Monday, January 28, 2013

Portland / Manor Fine Wares

During our early evening stroll in downtown Portland last weekend, I found the town is brimming with small homeware shops, like Manor Fine Wares. If there is a homeware shop within 5 miles, I will find it. I LOVE shopping for furniture, lighting fixtures, linens, dishes, you name it. (Ask Brian. I can spend hours in Homegoods dreaming up rooms around one of my finds!) So of course I wanted to check out the scene in Portland.

I spotted Manor Fine Wares from across the street. I looked at my friend Mo and said, "I HAVE to stop in there." Opening the doors, it was like stepping into Wonderland for me. They have everything an interior designer or home owner needs to make a lovely, unique space: furniture, unique lighting fixtures, curio items, paper goods, rugs, blankets, jewelry, accessories, and a few vintage pieces sprinkled in. Even the Farrow & Ball line of paint! The mother and daughter owners, Liza Brennan and Liz Warren, have a lovely shop. Liza is an interior designer, and she surely knows how to pick fine items and displays them beautifully. Let's just say, I would be in big trouble if I lived in Portland. (Secretly, it's my dream to own a shop like this one day.)

I had to pull my camera out (Total tourist...Sorry Mo!) and share a few items I found in there. If you are looking for some lovely pieces, check out their online shop or follow their blog.

The monogrammed dishes are a perfect bridal shower gift. Give the bride a dish with her new last name initial
for her to keep her wedding ring in it. Sadly, neither of these are available on the website. Wish the dishes were!!!
This could be a fun DIY project!
I bought three of these number plates in our house numbers. I'll be framing
them and hanging them on our collage wall in the dining room.
Love the collection of white teapots and chevron pillows.
Fabric covered bricks as door stoppers. Why didn't I think of that? Future DIY project for sure!

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