Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lovely Spaces / Craft Room

My mom's craft room needed some love. It was packed with boxes of my late grandmother's photos, craft and sewing supplies, art work, and left over wedding centerpieces and accessories from my brother's and my wedding. Mom utilizes the room a lot to wrap gifts, sew and make holiday decorations. But after designing the rest of the house, this room became an after thought. The forbidden "dumping ground" in the professional organizing profession (We're both organizers, so this is ironic.).

During my Christmas visit, we took a day and cleaned out the room and hiked down to Ikea to look at some furniture. We kept all the bookcases for storage, cleared out a fold out table that she was using for crafting, and replaced it with a sewing table and two bookcases that became her crafting/wrapping table. Check out her new space. She loves it!!!

Mom (Kathleen) at her new crafting and wrapping table.

TIP / Make sure you utilize the vertical space in your room.

We store her seasonal flower arrangements on top of the bookcases to free up
floor space and make them easily accessible during the year.

The table is two Expedit bookcases placed back to back. We picked up a few
baskets from Ikea to collect loose items like ribbon and fabric.

To create a seamless surface, Kathleen had a piece of plexiglass cut to the
specific dimensions of the whole surface at Lowe's.

With a little fabric, ribbon, buttons and velcro, Kathleen sewed an easy
curtain for the small bookcase.

Displaying colorful fabric in sewing hoops is a great way to decorate a wall.

Sewing table is a combo of these two Ikea pieces. This table top is longer than the one online.

Kathleen sewed coordinating chair pillows and brought the chair in from another room.
The rattan chair compliments the rattan like storage baskets in the craft table.

Using coordinating fabric and trim, Kathleen completely updated a boring white lampshade.
A glue gun, fabric and trim is all you need. Seriously, anyone could do this.
Dress up a vase to store craft supplies.

I love the way she chose to store her random collection of buttons!

This is a great way to store all of your spools of thread. Purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Here's a link to my Pinterest board of craft rooms I like. Feel free to Pin any of these photos. Please leave a photo credit or link to my blog. Thank you!

**All photos are property of Third & Patterson.


  1. Awesome! Love the back to back shelves for a work surface and storage. After you get your dimensions, you just buy the plexiglass and ask an employee there to cut it? Did you adhere it to the shelves at all or does it stay put?

    1. You sure can! Take your measurements to Lowe's or Home Depot, and they will cut if for you right there. Plexiglass isn't cheap, but it's a great way to create a solid surface across two pieces.

      We did not adhere it to the top of the bookshelf. You could put clear circular grippers under the glass so it doesn't slide. We thought about putting fabric under the glass for more color, but Mom liked the bright white in the room.

      Do you have plans for this kind of idea in your house?


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