Monday, January 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Wreath

Growing up, my mother was like Martha Stewart. You know, before Martha Stewart was Martha Stewart. We came home from school to a tidy home, a Yankee Candle burning on the kitchen island, banana nut muffins waiting for our dirty fingers under the cake dome, and the smell of her BBQ chicken roasting in the oven. She loves to decorate for the holidays and has an attic full of decorations and crafts to prove it. No joke. She puts up about 6 Christmas trees in their home every year.

Now that I have a daughter, I want to make our home magical for her during each holiday. I daydream about all the fun things we can do and make together when she's a little bit older to celebrate Valentine's Day. It's such a cute day for kids - homemade valentine's, sweet treats, and secret crushes.

I recently made a Valentine's Day wreath for our front door, and here are the instructions to make one of your own. (If you would like to mention this wreath on your blog or Pinterest, please remember to credit me with a link back to this page. All photos are property of Third & Patterson. Thank you!)

You'll need...

Wrapping the Wreath

Make 5 Rosettes

I learned to make rosettes by watching this YouTube video. Take a sheet of white felt and trace three different size circles (I used three different size cups/mugs.). I first traced onto plastic that I took from the packaging of Cubscout's toy and then used the template to trace onto the felt. I did this so I can make more rosettes in the future. Cut the circles out. These are the bases of your rosettes.

Line the felt with hot glue and lay the lace along the edge. Continue to layer the lace until the rose is closed. I kind of tucked the lace as I went. It will not lay flat. That's OK! It gives it a sweet little ruffle. I also used a pen to help hold lace down as I went. I guarantee you will burn your fingers if you don't.

Attach a decorative button to the middle of the finished rosette. Tuck the back edge of the lace underneath and glue into place. It makes the rosette look more finished.

Make five rosettes using three different kinds of lace and mismatching buttons. Attach the rosettes to the yarn-wrapped wreath using hot glue.

 Voila! I showed you mine. Now you show me yours!


  1. I just love your Valentine's Day wreath!
    You did such a lovely job on it.


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