Thursday, July 18, 2013

Make Yourself at Home

I have two dreams for my career – to publish the three novels currently taking up space in this hear noggin and to own a B&B in Napa or Sonoma. So once I make the NY Times Best Selling List, I can buy a sweet little house on a vineyard. {I better get typing...} The first B&B I can remember staying in was in Scotland. I was 7, and my family was spending Easter break in the UK {My dad was stationed in West Germany at the time.}. We arrived in the early evening, and the proprietors had mercy on my parents and us three tired {and probably cranky} kids and made us the most wonderful roasted lamb dinner. I can still taste the rich lamb with the green mint jelly smeared on top. Mmmmm! After dinner, we hopped into the deep european-sized bath tub and sloshed water all over the bathroom floor as my sister and I pretended to be mermaids.

I discovered a great blog today, An Inviting Home, while perusing through the link-up party on Emily A. Clark.  Sarah of An Inviting Home submitted her awesome kids' play space. I was looking through Sarah's home tour and totally stopped in my tracks when I saw this {See photo below}. It's a COFFEE BAR! In their dining room! How clever and fun is that?!

Don't you think this is an awesome idea for my future B&B? I love it!

Photo property of An Inviting Home

Her family hails from "Minnesooota." Sarah, of course {I don't know her personally, but I'm sure she is.}, is a sweet midwestern gal who asks her guests if she can get them a warm drink as they pull off their layers of snow gear. But here's the thing, she has five beautiful kids to chase after as well. {Get her a cape! She's a super hero!} Instead of wrangling all of her kids AND being the hostess with the mostess, she can kindly direct them over to her very own coffee bar. I think this idea is incredibly fun.

I am loving the colorful towers of mugs, blue bookshelves, and the drum shade {You can find this in Young House Love's lighting collection.}.

You can find Sarah's DIY instructions on how to make your own chalkboard HERE. Swing by her blog. You'll find some great ideas!


  1. Megan!

    I LOVED your B&B story...I too have a love for B&B's and would totally come to yours. Make sure you keep me posted on when it opens! It is totally possible. ;-)


  2. You got it, girl! Thanks for allowing me to share your beautiful home. Wishing you and your family the best.



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